Cubase 10 Windows 10? Installed but don't see it. Any help on this?

Hi Paul, okay i tryed that also with a differnt sound card and driver (X32 Producer), like you recommended. Than the perfomance is much better, but its still not working in cubase 10.20. same problem as described above.

please drop a screenshot (or 2) here of your audio settings in Cubase, I dont know what options they have added now…

I had to arm the audio track with MidiGuitar as a Send on it not only with the Monitoring icon but also with the Record button.

After that I had the MIDI in the VST Instrument Track plus Audio in the MIDI Guitar Audio Track (which I deleted after recording).

So, after all it worked here with Cubase 10.20

But: I did not deactivate Asio Guard.

Hey Paul, here you can see my settings (i was on vacations;-)


ok, this pic shows a normal MG plugin, this does not reveal much.
Please upload a pic of the Cubase audio preference settings.