Cubase 11 - Does not appear in 'other' - SOLVED

NEVER MIND - Midi gtr 2 Started being Seen in ‘other’ - after a few restarts

followed Daw Guide for Cubase 11
Copied the 2 Files to the proper folders
dragged midi gtr 2 into theApplications folder
Cubase 11 with Big Sur MaC
Rescanned the cubase plug in folders
Nothing new was found with the rescan
made an audio track
selected monitor
opened the edit window for the track
selected inserts
No Midi Gtr 2 listed in other

Yes, on Mac at least you sometimes need to reboot the computer to register new plugins.

I noticed on the PC too that Cubase is a little finicky in this. Once you get it working, ‘Save’ the setup so you can look at it carefully.

It sometimes takes a few seconds for things to kick in on the PC but not all the time…for the VST sounds too. Make sure get a VST sound that works in the guitar range.

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