Cubase 11, Midi Guitar, Expression not recognized

Midi guitar plays OK with Cubase 11 using the Swam cello, but no expression pedal data passes to the Swam vst. When I change the Swam input to ALL MIDI CHANNELS, the Expression pedal works as normal. Any ideas?

Hey @jschallerpa

I don’t think any of the plugin versions of MG2 can pass on MIDI that way. If I look at the interface settings in my (AU in an Abelton session), it looks like this:

It is receiving MIDI from host, but there is no option, where I can use any additional external controller here, like with the standalone setup. The idea is surely that you set up your virtual instrument on a software track and and use the MIDI guitar MIDI together with the Expression pedal MIDI there. If you wand to have the SWAM instrument set up inside MIDI guitar on the Cubase audio track, you must first check if you can pass on MIDI from any external controller to audio tracks like that in Cubase. I know you can in Abelton, but I haven’t worked with Cubase at all, so I wouldn’t know.