Cubase 12 midi guitar with another controler problem

Im having problem understanding ,how to use two inputs(lets say midi guitar and abreath controler).with cubase12

When i chose on the vst input midi guitar,its works great,but when i chose all midi inputs, its dosent recognize midi guitar but can recognize my other midi controlers(keybords,drums)
What ,am i missinig?

Hi! After days of searching the internet and testing different settings in Cubase I finally got it to work with my Boss EV-1WL expression pedal.
I have set it up as descibed by Jam Origin, then added a midi track with the Expression Pedal as midi in and the VST instrument as midi out. Then activating both the VST track and the new midi track (shift click to highlight both).
I would guess this works for a breath controller as well but I haven’t tried it.
Hope this helps

Yes, this is the way to do it
Thanks alot