DAW more than one track

Can I do a separate recording using MIDI Guitar. I set up my DAW with two separate tracks from the one I had recorded. On the new tracks I set up a different preset and it plays my previous preset with a new present.Is there a way to separate the sound?

Can you be more specific? Did you record audio or midi? Are your presets guitar Fx or synth plugins or a mix of both? The sound from each preset is on a separate track so what sounds do you want to separate?

Okay I record a midi track.

Can I record another midi track?

When I try to do this I hear the first midi track playback but on the second midi track it interferes with the first track playback. It uses the midi instrument settings for the second track. Things become muddled at that point.

The only way overcome is to do a mix down bounce of what I have as a wav File and bring it back in creating another midi track.

Using Logic Pro.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

after you’ve recorded the first midi track, you should disable the midi input for that track, that way it will not hear MG while you recording your second midi track.

Thanks Paul. Makes sense.

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