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Deep Amp

While waiting for the big release, would you care to shed some light on the expected features of Deep Amp?

Deep AMP will re-invent the usual guitar pedal board (ie. compressors, distortions, delays, phasers, reverbs, etc…) in the new light of actually knowing what you play.

I can’t spoil too much yet, but take a guitar compressor as an example:

In a (shameless JO-biased) perspective all compressors are broken (hardware, software, multi-band, multi-stage, etc…) - or at least doesn’t really work as efficiently as they could, whenever the signal contain more than one note.

Play two notes. One loud and the other weak. It will mainly react to the loudest note. But will attenuate/gain both notes equally. It also doesn’t know the optimal attack and release envelopes giving inconsistency depending on which notes you play.