Deep Harmonic EQ as standalone VST

Hi All.
I ahve been using MG2 for several years and love it. The thing I probably use the most is the Deep Harmonic EQ inside of MG2…I actually rarely use the actual midi tracking. What would be really great is if I could midi map the sliders in DHEq to a hardware controller or for automation in a DAW but they don’t seem to be accessible like that.

I’m just wondering if the inability to do so is working as intended or if I am missing something in my configuration.

As straight forward as the plugin is, I have yet to find a standalone plugin that does the same thing. Any plugins that seem to add basic overtones generally only do so in groups of evens or odds…and they are almost always associated with some kind of ‘dirt’ effect that adds way more additional overtones and dirties the original tone up. Does anyone know of a similar VST that does the same thing as DHEq? The only reason I would use it over MG2 is the inability to use midi control…and it seems a waste to have all of the overhead of the pitch tracking just to use an audio effect.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you, great suggestion and this is indeed how its going:

I have been somewhat puzzled that it took 7 years since its release for Deep Harmonic EQ be discovered :slight_smile:

This illustrates one of the problems with MG2 - and with my work in general - doing many (seemingly unrelated) things and driven by technical achievements, rather than product and marketing.

The reason you don’t find a DHEQ somewhere else, is that it is based on MG2s pitch detection/tracking. But since the pitch detection/tracking is (almost) plugin-and-play, so it just sits there and does its thing for everything to work.

With MG3 we are splitting things up into the MIDI and Deep FXs. The become separate plugins, but will integrate into one plugin, for those who like to combine them in patches.

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Awesome. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I get giddy thinking about automating those ‘drawbars’ to make a shimmering type of effect :slight_smile:

I appreciate what you’re doing!

In regards to the DEHQ…I really discovered it because I was trying to figure out what synth patch was adding those overtones…took me a minute to figure it out :slight_smile:

dehq really is a stupendous effect.

if it were available in pedal form, people would line up around the block to hand over their hard earned cash.

it’ll be great to have it available as a separate plugin.

Thank you guys! I’ll throw a bone:

This is a minimal patch which loads a DHEQ and some modulators. In this new environment, everything can be modulated, either from MIDI pedals, envelopes and generators, or directly from various features extracted from your guitar strings. It can get rather complex, but everything is animated to give direct visual feedback.


Woof, woof! More bones please (OK, we’ll sit nicely and not beg …)

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Maaaannnn… That looks awesome. Can’t wait! Thank you!

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