Defeating one-note-only channel pitch bend: a scripting option?

Hi all,

Took the plunge on a license for MG2, and have a question about the feature whereby channel pitch bend is disabled when MG2 is played polyphonically: can it be disabled?

Obviously this might be clunky to work around for many playing styles, but as I’ve been experimenting using the app with steel guitar, I’ve been feeling the urge to hear “manual” full-chord vibrato - i.e. some reflection of my movement of the bar slide on the pitch of the chords I play. I imagine sending pitch bend info based on an individual index pitch in a chord wouldn’t be too technically unworkable with the program as it exists, seeing as the current setup basically inhibits this from happening by default, in my (possibly flawed) understanding. This could be a great stopgap in lieu of the multi-pitch bend functionality the devs are still working on. Guitarists wanting to get the most out of their whammy bars could also benefit from this option.

Unless I’ve overlooked a preference setting, I would imagine this would most likely be achieved via .lua script. If someone is familiar with the limitations of the scripting system, or knows of any other technical possible technical issues with the idea, I’d love to know if this is possible!

Thanks and cheers on developing a game-changing way to use midi instruments!

Thank you for the kind words!

Mutli-string bends and MIDI MPE is a main priority for the next round of updates.

What you describe is not possible currently. The Lua scripting only receive the pitch bend information that is already rounded to chromatic notes when several notes are sounding.

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Thanks for your response!

That’s too bad. If there’s a smaller update between now and the MPE implementation, I hope you’ll consider allowing global MIDI pitch bend as an while playing polyphonically (unless I’ve misunderstood your explanation of why its currently not technically feasible.)

Of course, I’d understand if there there are bigger fish to fry dev time allocation-wise, what with the complexity of figuring out how to drag MPE information out of a mono audio signal!

Looking forward to more updates either way! Thanks again and keep up the great work!