Delete Instruments, Patches and EFX


 I just purchased MG for my Mac. I want to delete (or hide) instruments (such as all VST versions, or ones I don't use like Sforzando). I would also like to be able to delete (or hide) presets (mine get lost in the list). I'm on a Mac. Thanks.


You can find any preset or plugin quickly by starting to type the name. I have hundreds of presets and plugins, I never feel the urge to delete them, e.g. I just type “X” and all plugins that start with X are displayed.
This does only work in the full version of MG.

Thanks for the reply. You probably use a lot more sounds than I do. I only want to see the patches, instruments, efx I’m actually going to use. This is replacing Tripleplay in my live set up. I do own the full version of MG. I thought unchecking certain items in the plug-in manager would cause them to stop loading. If anybody has an answer to this question, I’m still interested.

Please go to MG2 -> preferences -> open data folder -> plugins64 and delete the ones you don’t want to see.

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 Thanks for the reply. Where is the MG2 folder on a Mac? Thanks.

that means open “preferences” in MG, click on “MIDI GUITAR DATA FOLDER”, that will open the MG data folder. Plugins64 is the subfolder with the plugin references that have been scanned, you can delete those that you don’t want to see.