Demo request Mainstage

Hello, I’ve been using the trial and would like to request a Mainstage trial since that is what I use most of the time. I’m a frustrated triple play customer ready to move on.

see PM here

I am also a frustrated Triple Play user. Struggled with it for 3 years.

Hi, can you both elaborate on why Triple Play is frustrating for you? I’m interested in your feedback, and I think it could be helpful for those trying to make up their mind on such or such solution.

Thank you!

Hello, I purchased the tripleplay last year in March. Keep in mind one of the selling points is this device is wireless. It is for virtual instruments only; keys, orchestral, horns, etc. If you need a virtual guitar you have to either plug it in through an audio interface and wired or buy a seperate wireless device, so not totally and simply wireless as advertised. Initially the software was difficult to install, not user friendly at all. In fact it took me several frustrating months to install different software packages discovering along the way things had to be installed in a certain order. I know I uninstalled and reinstalled that software at least a dozen times last year. Maybe if I had all day and night to deal with techs from each software manufacturer I could have got it working in about a week. Now for more fun, the virtual sounds coming with the software packages are ok for my needs. I play in a cover band performing music from 1963 to about 1973. I need a piano, multiple organs, strings, a horn section, saxophone, steel drums, and a banjo generally. The sounds that come with the software cover maybe a third of that list. My options are to utilize those sounds or buy better packages from those companies at approximately $150 to $500. I own a mac with Mainstage installed. Unfortunately it appears either Tripleplay and Mainstage are not very compatible or there is little or no how to’s anywhere. I’m finding as a guitarist doing what I do, it is extremely hard and frustrating finding good information anywhere on the internet that deals with my particular situation so I keep reading. I have been using a Roland guitar synth for over 20 years and the sounds are pretty good. The sounds in mainstage and triple play are better but difficult to manage for a live situation so far. Hope this wasn’t too wordy but you asked the question.

Thanks for the feedback. Not so surprised, as I was skeptical about TP for another reason: Godin had a couple of guitar models with TP embedded instead of the usual hexaphonic pickups, but they all suddenly disappeared from their catalog, and they didn’t communicate about it (in spite of my numerous attempts to get info). So I figured either their collaboration didn’t go as expected, or the TP didn’t get as much audience as hoped in the first place…