Demo - used Midi Guitar 2 throughout the video - Dreamz

Dreamz - by Rick McCargar

It took me a while to make it work on my new Mac Mini 2, but it works like a charm now. No problems.

Let me know what you think. I’d be happy to answer any questions, just keep in mind…I’m an amateur. Thanks, Rick McCargar


Very sweet and elegantly done! Can you tell us what you used and how you did it - what guitar(s), what instruments?

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Thank you.
Guitar: Washburn WGC105SCE that I bought from zzounds this year for about $550 new. All solid, inexpensive hand-made in China.

Played into Garageband through the guitar cheap built in system into a $50 used Scarlett 2i2, first generation.

I’ll attach a screenshot of the tracks and they list the Garageband instrument used. You can see where I cut volume on tracks to carve-out the guitar parts from the midi-instruments. In various places I wanted more guitar, and just lowered or entirely cut out the volume on various tracks to reveal the regular acoustic guitar track.

Some of the instruments are the original track capturing midi instrument, a bit of them are just a little add-on I cut in later.

Once I figured out how to make Midi Guitar 2 to work, it could not have been easier.

Thanks again, for the kind words. Rick

I’m still learning and struggling my way through it. What I truly loved about what you did was not overdoing it, and getting a lovely balance between the acoustic guitar and the midi instruments. I’m trying to develop some old-fashioned Italian love songs (think Jerry Vale & Al Martino) using guitar, pads, synths, strings, and I found your arrangement, while certainly of a different genre, inspiring.

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Make sure to let me know if/when you post them, I’d like to hear them.

To be honest, in the beginning, I overdid it. Then over a few weeks of playing around with it, I wanted to hear more of the guitar and decided to clean it up so it sounded like a guitar piece with orchestration, instead of a midi song…and I think this way, the midi seems more realistic. Best of luck!

when a self-described amateur can get this type of success driving midi sounds with an off-the-shelf acoustic guitar, you know we’ve arrived at the next generation of guitar to midi technology.

it’s really now at the point where the only limiting factor is one’s imagination.

have you tried mg2 with any other guitars? i wonder how much of a difference the barcus berry preamp in your guitar makes in terms of note detection/false triggers.

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There were quite a few problems that I had to delete, but garageband makes it pretty easy to just point and click delete on every block of errant sound.

I’ve also run my Fender American Professional Stratocaster through it, and had similar problems. I may not play clean enough to avoid the problems.

On this project, I probably clicked/deleted a hundred little squares of digital sound. It took at most, a half hour to clean up all the notes/blocks of sound that I didn’t want.

A bigger project would be more of a problem. But I’m sixty-five, and my days of practicing for lengthy times is over. I developed a nerve problem in my left hand this year and had to give up serious practice.

So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be finishing songs like this that I’ve had a mind to do.

You’re right though, for people with ambition, this is going to be a game changer.