Demo User Bend Problem

Hi, I’m trying the demo, pretty impressed, it does better than my GP10 right out of the box.

I’m getting lot of extra notes but that can be cleaned up. I’m not playing live, I need to convert my playing to midi for the real guitar plugins.

Bend plays like a piano and there are no pitch bend events being sent. I looked at midi machines but not obvious what to do next to get pitch bend messages. I tried different bend ranges but like I say piano.

Another thing would it track better with a mono signal? I’m sending it the audio from my GP10 which is stereo.

Any help appreciated


definitely buying if I can get it to translate my bends.

How did you verify that pitch bend messages aren’t being sent? I thought I had the same problem, I recorded the MIDI output on a separate track on Ableton, and there were notes only, pitch bend giving 0 values only. But then, I don’t know what exactly I did or what the problem was, but after switching the mono/poly setting and pitch bend settings back and forth and re-recording, the pitch bend messages started to show up.

Yes I was looking at the pitch bend parameter on a track in Studio One, nothing there.

I’ll keep playing with it, thanks

Check it on the settings on the synth you are using, the problem frequently lies on that side, not on the MidiGuitar end. Some synths or presets do not respond to Pitch Bend on a continuous way. Also try the different alternative steps ( 12, 4 ,2 etc,) on the MG2 side , they can make a big difference depending on how the soft synth responds.

Check first if bend works fine in MG : in the instrument panel, select Midi Monitor in Tool then bend notes and check if pitch wheel values increase.
If yes it means that bend function is working.
So the issue comes from the plugin or hardware that you use.
As Bonanote said, check in the synths if bend function is enabled.
And, of course, select an instrument having this function, not a piano, organ or similar instrument :wink: