Demoing SWAM Bass Clarinet with some tips on settings

This is a rather long clip of me playing/improvising the SWAM Bass Clarinet with a TEC Breath Controller on an iMac (desktop) setup with MIDI Guitar 2.2.1. I also share some ideas on optimizing playability settings in the video description! Hopefully there is something of use for someone in here!


Wow, amazing! Thank you for posting.

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Aanother great video demonstrating your chameleonic ability to put yourself in the shoes of other instrument players, of course, with the fabulous help of MG2 and Swam instruments.
Your comment in the vido about the different behavior of the IOS version and the desktop version is important:

The iOS and the desktop version of MG2 differ as of today with regard to how enabling LEGATO affect BENDS. (Using LEGATO disable BENDS somehow on the desktop version ) I usually never use LEGATO for that reason

I already mentioned it here a long time ago and I had the feeling that it was not understood. I hope that one day the desktop version will have the same behavior as the IOS in this respect and we can use both settings at the same time (with the appropriate priority of course).

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Thank for the kind words! With regard to the Legato/Bend issue in the desktop version I would only assume it be addressed in the next update of the software. I guess they solved at least some problem, given that the iOS version I some respects feels “better” - more in the line what you would expect those functions to behave. So we’ll just wait and see I guess?

Of course, we can only wait for it to be solved in the next version and they sure will.
I wanted to highlight it because the same thing happens to me as you, on desktop I end up opting for Pitch Bend and not using Legato, but I think Legato is a very important function that allows guitarists to use this function that is so widely used by keyboardists.

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