Development blog

Is there a development status blog? I really love this, and would like to follow

I hope very much you are able to improve this, it is an excellent tool

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Admitted, we’ve kept our plans and developments rather closed in recent years.
Good idea. I’ll think about it.

I am very interested. I had some curiosity as to whether you had considered a realtime AI application to signal processing?

There could be multiple benefits, not the least of which is offloading some of the processing to the video card. I believe it can be done, here is an article about using video cards for DSP processing

I believe a novel approach here could allow you to better capture the player’s intent and eliminate accidental triggering from harmonics

I guess we are already doing “realtime AI” (whatever that means), for many years :slight_smile:

GPUs offer lots of computation power, its also comes with its own set of problems. We use a big noisy GPU here internally to make sense of data but the beauty is that on the user side any modern CPU (even in a small phone) is good enough and offer lowest possible latency. We are not really lacking power at the moment.

This is tangential, but our next updates will be better at utilizing the GPU for graphics work. It seems like stating the obvious, but actually almost all audio plugins are using the CPUs also for graphics rendering, because GPUs aren’t good at drawing crisp vector graphics. In the recent years this has increasingly become a bottleneck because of the all the pixels on modern high res screens that the CPUs are moving around (meanwhile also busy with audio). We finally got around that and can now make crisp vector graphics animations at 60FPS without taxing the CPU and with no aliasing artifacts.

A product I have also uses Trello for their forum, but has a second Board section to log the developer and forum ideas. They have it setup with Delivered, Current, Major, Suggested to keep the community in the loop. There is a voting feature to get an idea what the community priorities.

Any rough timeline for next mobile release ?
+1 for a development blog