Disable automatic updates

Hi everyone.

I do have MG v2.12 which is the version that fit my needs. I have tried v2.2 but it does not work for me as desired due to its new gui and functionality. The issue is that everytime I recall or open MG’s GUI (working as VST) it opens an update notification window that I have to close clicking on a “CONTINUE” with old version button. This is very anoying and incovenient for me since I operate MG from a 7 inch screen. Is there any way to disable this behavior other than disconneting the PC from internet?

Thanks to all in advanced

I believe, back in 2.12 there wasn’t any such option. In later versions the update notification was made “silent” to avoid this.

Im curious what makes you stay with 2.12? Sure the GUI changed, but it should only be improvements.

I would try making sure you are running the update as an Administrator.

I’ve tried v2.2 and last time I did I got weird behavior from tracking. Also v2 has no midi learn functionality which is esential for me for live usage.
Any other suggestion?

v2.2.1 does have full midi learn functionality (see interface section)
Tracking hasnt changed much between 2.12 beta and 2.2.1, it should only be a bit better in the latter.