Does MG3 listen for program change messages?

I remember figuring out how to do program changes in MG2, to have a foot controller select a specific MG2 patch, but haven’t been able to do that yet in MG3.

Does MG3 still listen for PC messages, and if so what do I need to do to set that up?

MG3 doesn’t change presets via MIDI PCs.

Look in the lower left corner of the GUI.

Preset down = CC#14, preset up = CC#15. I hope I haven’t got those backwards. The CCs can be modified.

I haven’t yet tested whether or not any given instantiated plugin can receive/respond to MIDI PCs.

As it happens, I did already know about the prev/next mappings, and I have even remapped them to my control surface. Works great, and if there isn’t a current way in MG3 to do it–which it sounds like there isn’t–I’ll stop thinking about it. :slight_smile:

JTBC, this isn’t a critical thing by any means. And MG3 has been shifting my thinking about how I want to use it anyway. At least on Mac, I’m finding it to be a much more elegant host than I remember MG2 being. I would run MG2 essentially in MIDI-out-only mode, and have my other apps (IK’s AmpliTube and SampleTank) also running standalone; between these three, I could select a patch on my Boss MG-3 and have the patch-select action send three PC messages: one to MG2 usually to select the MIDI-out patch, one to AmpliTube to select the guitar preset, and one to SampleTank to select the synth/sample preset. Every now and then I would use a different MG2 preset, usually for different control behavior on the sustain pedal or using a transposer for a specific sample that needed it.

By contrast, I am finding MG3 a much easier plugin host to work with, and frankly this beta discussion group is also teaching me how to take better advantage of the soft instruments I have, using features I never knew were there. (I can hardly say thank you enough to @JamO, @LoFiLeiF and really the whole group for all the learning that is going along with that. Hopefully my position as a n00b when it comes to this whole landscape*, is proving useful to the development effort.) I suspect there are more elegant ways to do things than I’m aware of, and I always welcome it when someone asks me the “why would you want to do that?” or “why didn’t you just do it this way?” questions.

*I didn’t even pick up an instrument until age 30, didn’t think about even analog signal processing until almost ten years after that, had the revelation of MIDI notes another five years along, and then the revelation of MIDI control didn’t really hit until about five years ago. And operating on “Dad time” throughout most of that…well, I’ve always had interest, but very little time. The upshot to always feeling like I’m new to it all, of course, is that there is so much to learn, which brings out the boy in the middle-aged-dude. :slight_smile:

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