Dominant 7#9#5 with 3rd in bass upsets the Midi Guitar 2 software

Hi there, I discovered this software today and downloaded the demo to try. Was very impressed with it until I played a chord (dom 7#9#5 with 3rd in the bass) and it seemed the Midi guitar software didn’t like it. On guitar this chord would be played for example in key of B, 5th string at 6th fret, 4th string at 7th fret, 3rd string at 7th fret, 2nd string at 8th fret and 1st string at 7th fret. The 5th and 3rd strings are a major 7 interval and what happens when plucking this chord out one string at a time is that the software will shift the 5th string note down a semitone to match the tone of the 3rd string which after this change is a perfect octave. If you play the chord all at once by plucking all strings at the same time, sometimes the chord rings true., other times it doesn’t and it shifts the 5th string down a semitone or cuts it off from ringing altogether. Anyone else noticed this? This is kind of a deal breaker for me as I use these sorts of chords all the time and if the software can’t handle them it would put me off buying the software outright. Any chance this could be fixed? Many thanks!

Any chord with a maj7 hidden in it, is a chord with minor seconds in it ( 1 half step).
#9 clashes with the first harmonic of the third.
this is due to the harmonics of every tone.
MG2 can not track minor second intervals, and it is not fixable in that version. Only solution is to arpeggiate and use a hold pedal, that gives the a nice piano.

Thanks for that. So chords such as a minor 9th chord won’t work either I guess. Wow. Thats kind of limiting.

I wonder if version 3 solves for this?

maybe it goes to show how popular jazzy chords are, not many people seem to miss it… (I play jazz myself)
whether version 3 will fix that? well… I only know that it is very hard to get over the half step border: the notes start to “beat” oneanother if they come close, they become unrecongisable, because invisible during the time the cloes notest cancel eachother. That is where hexaphonic systems win, they dont need to cope with this.


A middle a is 220 hz
a# = 233 hz
the difference frequency is 13 hz
meaning that the notes dissapear during 1/13 the of a second: 67 milliseconds!
So to scan beating notes, you’d have to enlarge the latency very much to incorporate te beating. Lower notes even have lower beat freqs.

Yeah thanks for taking the time to explain things man. I was having a lot of fun today triggering my Native Instruments Fender Rhodes and noodling around with a few Steely Dan tunes. I don’t play piano well and the idea of using a guitar to play keyboard parts, brass section parts, strings really appealed to me. But dang if I can’t get all those chords coming out true it’s kind of a let down. Other than that the software is amazing. I may have to look at a hardware midi pickup and see of they perform as well as this and solve the minor 2nd issue which I suspect they will. You’re right though, you just don’t hear a lot of beautiful chords in pop music anymore. A damn shame. The golden age of music has been and gone if you ask me. Thanks again for giving me the good oil on MG2.