Dorico and MG2 on ipad?

Just got the paid lifetime version of Dorico for Ipad but cant find my paid version of MG2 among the midi inputs for Dorico. Thought it would be a nice way to write music with a regular guitar instead of keyboard. But so far no midi into Dorico. Steinberg says its a problem with MG2. Anybody know how to get around it?

Hi Ola
So when you test this, do you have the MIDI Output set up to Virtual MIDI before starting Dorico. I guess Dorico scans for active MIDI inputs at startup?

Does Steinberg say why this is a problem for MIDI Guitar 2 specifically?

Hello there, welcome to the fun!
If you can not find MG2 on the output options of your DAW, create a new audio track. Now open a midi virtual instrument and the minimize. In the audio track FX bin or FX insert, add MG2 as if it were an effect, no different than adding reverb to a track.
Now, create another track but make it a midi track, and check the input, you should now see MG2 signal as an input to the midi instrument.
Also, in your virtual instrument check the options menu and ensure “midi in” and “midi out” are selected. Now in the midi out portion of your midi track, select the virtual instrument the midi signal should trigger.
If this doesn’t work than arm your analog audiotrack to record, record a riff, loop it and then begin testing everything u can that can send data from your audio track with the MG2 in the FX bin.
You will realize the correct routing. Just may take a while and that is absolutely how we learn.