Download for Guitar Midi broken [SOLVED]

I’ve been having computer trouble and have lost my original GM files to install on another computer.
However, I managed to download Midi Bass but the midi guitar files did not arrive. Is there someone out there who can help me please? :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help :)) PS I have already bought the programs:)

the official route is:;

  1. transport your licensefile .license to your new computer.
  2. download the trial to your new computer.
  3. apply the license to your trial (play with any patch other than “test piano” to bring up nagscreen)
  4. after you have applied your license, the app will offer you upgrade option. Enter your email adress then, and you will get a fresh downloadlink by email.

In case you lost your license file: contact our support

Paul, thank you very much, I shall make a note of this:) However, since last evening I discovered the files on another computer and used those to reload to my working machine! I’m old and forgetful:))
Thanks again, best wishes,

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