Download full version demo is now public!

The full version (2.2.1) demo is now publicly available via
This full version is not available in the apple appstore. The link to our fastlink shop is in the demo.

Important things to know:

  1. MIDI Bass is not available as separate purchase, but is bundled with MIDI Guitar 2.2.1.
  2. The appstore version “MIDI Guitar for Garageband” is an LE version without plugin versions for macOS. If you have a mac and dont require our plugin version or MIDI Bass this is a nice deal.
    For an overview of differences between the different versions, please visit our product page here:

Hello. Just purchased a few days ago and the links don’t seem to be working. Tried a few browsers and the Mac and Win links.


You only need to use the license link to get the license.
The current version is now publicly available at
EDIT: There was a hickup on our website (sunday March 8 ), that is now fixed.
Donwloads should be fine again.

I’ve just download the demo and tested it out for few hours, looks great !!
I’ve try to gather the translated output midi signal in my DAW from a “on fly” recording without sucess - a midi track has been created especially for that purpose. However, it works only when I firstly record the audio signal on a track and play it, is it normal ?

for most DAW’s quickstarts are available at
If you enable live input monitoring, you should be able to play MG live in your DAW.

Can the demo load third party vst/components? I scanned my components, when i click on one of the components, it enables the small light on the line but I don’t see the plugin appear or options for it like the built in on the main screen.

the small light on the line in the pluging manager currently has no function.
AU components come in 2 tastes here: instruments and effects.
If your AU is a synth, it will be loadable in the instrument slot, if it is an effect it will be choosable in amp/fx slot.

Hi Paul,

this is a really important Info.
So stupid…ive bought the full version without VST…didnt know it :frowning:
Spent 46 Euros…can i get my money back and buy MidiGuitar2 with vst plugins??
Thx for you help
Regards Filippo

Yes, please get in touch with us at the support form on