Download MIDI MACHINE Scripts location?

where to download MM or custom user scripts?

Search is your friend!

search?yes did that, not finding the data base of scripts.
is there a Pined link to the files?

I have always just searched for individual scripts! I don’t know if there is any dedicated database.

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Perhaps a moderator can help with this…? hello MOD can you post a link to all scripts? ~ Cheers!

ok so far it’s endless loop of no direct link to anything useful.
WTF am I not seeing that you all have figured out?

There is no “database”, there are only posts with the category “MIDI Machines”.
All posts marked thus are on MIDI Machines - MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass user forum
The MIDI Machines are contained within those posts.
( I’m not the mod, I however made a lot of the midi machines here )

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