Downloaded Trial...need some help/assist/feedback...i thought it was way better than what I am getting

I found this software by watching a video with this guy, Paul Bielatowicz, playing live ELP keyboard parts on his regular guitar. I thought this not possible. Enter MG2. So I went ahead and downloaded the trial to my 2012 Macbook Pro and I am accessing the program but I am getting nothing like Paul is getting.

I am having lag issues and excessive ghost note issues, so I must be doing something wrong or the trial is glitched. Seriously, if I had to make a decision based on my initial attempt using the trial, I would call this program utter garbage, but I am SEEING videos of peeps using it, flawlessly.

So, what am I doing wrong? Any time my finger touches a string, I get the initial ‘correct’ sound, followed by a fluting of dynamic notes and ghost notes. I fiddled with some of the knobs for velocity % and sensitivity and some other stuff and that seemed to make it a little better, but I know I have to be missing something. I really really want to buy this but not as it sounds/works right now with my laptop.

Best way to describe is that it is picking up everything along with stuff I don’t do. How do I make it so it is like Paul doing ELP?

I think you need to describe your signal flow more thoroughly if you want an accurate and useful response but my initial sense is that you need to adjust the ‘noise gate’ in the ‘tracking’ section.Try that and if you’re still not getting what you expect please report back.


There are many parameters to be taken into account, both with regard to your guitar (pickup/tone/level), playing technique, audio interface (sample rate/buffer size/input level…), MG2 settings, etc.

Did you first search in this forum at posts relating to this ?
There are many discussions that could help you.

Just tot start, look at my post here

And dont forget: Jerry watches over you from above :wink:

Thank you for your response, Vaultnaemsae! This give me a starting point. As for my signal flow, do you refer to inside the software or from guitar input through to speaker/headphone output? I don’t know how to describe my SF w/in the software as I have no understandable reference points yet, I will try and figure that out and reply later. As for guitar in, I’m using an Axe I/O (IK) direct to a 2012 MacBook pro. Since this is the demo, I did not try to find it in my DAW, instead went with standalone.

I will play with the noise gate as you suggest. Thank you again!

I meant in an overall sense. There are many variables from the guitar through to the software and yet there was pretty much no clear description of how you are using MG2 in your original post.

Did you have any luck with the suggestions?