Drop A for bass

Hello does anyone know if the MIDI bass will support drop A tuning? I haven’t bought
this yet to know. Only plan on using it for bass midi.

Are you saying that you have a 5 string bass that’s normally tuned BEADG, and you drop the B string two semitones? I’m not sure that MIDI Bass will be very successful with anything below an E. I’m in the process of ordering a short scale Form Factor Audio Wombat 5 string, but don’t have another 5er to test.

P.S. Are you a commercial pilot? :airplane:

Hello thanks for the response. I’m actually using a baritone guitar in drop A (AEADF#B). I just
want to be able to record and use the midi as bass and then drop the midi into like submission audio bass.

Not a commercial pilot but have been an aviation enthusiast forever. Into a lot of sims.

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TheMaartian is correct in that MIDI Bass rejects everything below a standard bass E, but some of us have been experimenting with pitch shifters in front of the plugin with decent results. I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work. Is there still a demo available?

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If I remember correctly, the low B on a baritone guitar is one octave above the low B on a bass guitar. The drop A tuning on a baritone guitar would then be equivalent to the A string on a bass guitar, which means that you’ll be 100% OK using MIDI Bass. As I am sure that you are aware, MIDI Bass is monophonic. After years of waiting, I hope that MIDI Bass 2 is coming soon. It’s not being mentioned at all on this forum, but MIDI Guitar 3 is. I sincerely hope that MB2 will support at a minimum 2-note chords like octave and 10th chords. 3-note chord support would be cool, but even 2-noters would be a blessing.

Ok cool that’s what I was kinda hoping for. The fact I am using a guitar and not bass. In the
submission audio midi bass I can alter the tuning from there. Thanks for the reply.


I’m not clear on what or where you are altering the tuning. Since you’re within the range of MIDI Bass, it will just give you the MIDI note for the note you play on your guitar. Are you talking about transposing the MIDI down an octave before feeding it to a synth or other VI?