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Drop C tuning

Is there any way to add drop C tuning to the plugin?

I see that D standard is an option but I just need the ability to drop that low string another note.

Trying to do it manually doesn’t work

Also was wondering if adding 7 string or 8 string guitars in the future is a possibility?

Hi Ty! I would say no as far as MIDI Guitar 2 goes, but (almost) certainly for MG3 to support guitars being tuned to drop C. It is mainly question of tracking range, and if there is some option that isn’t there right now, you’ll have to hold on for a little longer! :grinning: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Awesome! Just purchased midi guitar 2 yesterday so would an upgrade to 3 be included?

Also how soon would that be released you think?

Upgrade absolutely included! No release date set yet. Work is very much an ongoing process, so I can’t say really! Sorry bout that!

Perfect! As long as it’s included take your time and make it the best!

Just looked at the road to 3 and I’m excited to try everything out

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Been using MG2 for quite a while and love it, cannot wait for MG3