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Dropped C Tuning?

This program would unlock so much potential if tuning ranges were wider. Any plans to change that in the near future? The band I play in that would utilize this program plays in dropped C tuning. The bass guitarist and I would greatly appreciate it!

we hope to add some range at top and bottom in the future.
Monophonic mode allready goes down to low C, independent from tuning setting.

Hi Iā€™m also interested in this as I mainly play in Drop C Tuning. Any updates or progress on this for Polyphonic mode? I use the D G C F A D tuning so all notes are picked up except for the Low C and C# notes (Fret 0 and 1) on the 6th string.

I can play around with monophonic mode and try out Midi Bass for now would but it would be exciting to have it all work with Drop C in Polyphonic mode.

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yup - still loving MG2, still hoping/waiting for that low C (for the Mac version, please!)

New user, very impressed! I am missing the low C though, especially for Nick Drake tuning :stuck_out_tongue: