È possibile utilizzare midi guitar 2 windows con Raspberry Pi4 8 gb ram?

Saluti a tutti gli utenti del forum!!! vorrei sapere se è possibile utilizzare midi guitar 2 per windows con Raspberry Pi4 8 gb ram, così da ottenere un utilizzo leggero e pratico per musicisti in movimento senza dover passare alla versione per IPHONE E IPAD, grazie per l’interessamento e le eventuali risposte, cordiali saluti.

Hello Enrico, welcome to this forum

It’s a good idea to want to use an RPI to play on the go.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid that this is not possible in the current state of RPI performance.

  • The only OS that could work with MG2 is Linux but by going through manipulations that may increase latency…
    For further information, look on the web, there are forums that talk about it, i.e. linuxmusicians.com

  • The RPI4 has a CPU that runs at 1.5gHz, which seems too slow for MG2 and even slower in a Linux configuration, and either you’ll get audio crackles or the latency will be so high that it will be uncomfortable to play with such a long delay.

  • Therefore, the best roaming mode solution and perfectly adapted will remain a tablet under Windows or iOS or a Win or Mac mini computer.

Grazie infinite per la risposta così accurata!! Comunque immaginavo qualcosa del genere e infatti prendo in considerazione l’acquisto di un tablet. Windows o iOS? lei cosa suggerisce? Premetto che preferirei usare la versione di guitar midi2 per windows, viste le sue maggiori funzionalità.Per questo guardavo questi modelli:
https://www.amazon.it/Acer-SW512-52-5819-i5-7200U-generazione-1440Pixel/dp/B072PRPGR8/ref=psdc_460158031_t3_B07Y53XBRB?th=1 Acer Switch SW512-52-5819 2.50GHz i5-7200U Intel® Core™ i5 di settima generazione 12"

     oppure, opzione che preferirei con schermo da 10 pollici                                                               https://www.amazon.it/Samsung-Display-Espandibili-Versione-Italiana/dp/B071LSQ4N5    Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet Black, Display da 10.6, 64 GB Espandibili, LTE, Nero 

oppure più economico Microtech E-Tab Pro 10.ma ha un processore Intel Celeron N4000 Dual Core Frequenza Clock 2.600 MHz https://www.eprice.it/Tablet-PC-E-TAB-TABLET-E-TAB-PRO-10-1-LTE-64GB-WIN10PRO-ETP101WL64-W2/d-12250017

l’ultimo e più economico è il chuwi Hi10 XR con CPU : Intel Celeron N4120, 14nm, 1.1GHz-2.6GHz Quad core con 6 gb ram anche se non ho idea se possa supportare il lavoro richiesto https://www.ebay.it/itm/CHUWI-Hi10-XR-Tablet-Laptop-Windows-10-Intel-N4120-6-128G-Notebook-Stylus-3-in-1/164474069423?hash=item264b6b21af:g:JaQAAOSwHpZfybHu&var=464077974061

Mi scuso se sono stato troppo prolisso, ma sono veramente confuso, in più tenga in considerazione che dovrei utilizzare il tablet anche nei live, quindi la possibilità di romperlo accidentalmente mi orienta verso un modello non troppo costoso.
Grazie ancora per la disponibilità e cortesia, cordiali saluti

The first Acer Switch is a high-end model, the second is more affordable.
The problem is that there are expensive but not indispensable options, but above all the processors, although powerful, are U-type (7200U) so designed for low consumption at the expense of power.

The Microtech E-Tab Pro 10.1 has a CPU of 1.4 GHz and not 2.8 GHz. Furthermore I have no confidence in unknown brands whose performance and reliability are not really known, but this is my personal opinion.
Same thought for the CHUWI Hi10 XR about the CPU which is at 1.1 GHz.

It is better to choose in descending order HQ, MQ, or M type processors. Avoid H, U or Y type.
Go for a minimum recommended frequency of 2 GHz dual-cores
Focus on SSD more than HDD.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with roaming devices such as tablets or else because I don’t use them and I don’t know them.

I use a laptop: a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 14", i5-3320M (2.60 GHz) dual-core CPU,and 8 Go RAM.
I use it without any problem with very heavy audio applications. I also use it in concert with complete peace of mind.

It’s a bit heavy because it’s 8 years old, but it doesn’t take up much space (34x23x3 cm).
I bought it 4 years ago, refurbished with a 12 month guarantee for 250€. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s a good solution to get a powerful machine at a very low price, but it requires a lot of research, you have to be well informed about the components and above all you have to find the right deal at the right time.

Grazie ancora, mi stai veramente illuminando su aspetti dell’informatica che ignoravo, terrò in grande considerazione i tuoi consigli. A questo punto aspetterò per comprarmi un ipad pro o un microsoft surface pro. L’ultimo mio dubbio è se su almeno uno di questi potrebbe funzionare guitar midi2 con la versione windows completa.? Altrimenti farò come dici tu prendendo un notebook senza complicarmi troppo la vita. Ti ringrazio ancora una volta per tutto, buona musica e buona vita

I took a quick look at the characteristics of the different Surface Pro models and for example the basic Surface Go 2 is to be avoided because the processor is too weak and insufficient RAM. Furthermore the prices indicated for all models offered are based on the smallest processor and RAM (which could be ok according to the selected model).

For MG2 used alone with lightweight plugins, 4 Go RAM will suffice, but as soon as you use MG2 in more complex host applications or with memory-hungry sampler plugins, you will need a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, or even 16 or 32 GB which is recommended (for my own, I recently have changed from 8 to 16 Go, being materially limited to 16).

For all these reasons, the Surface Pro prices will be very high on arrival, and remember that if you don’t pay attention to these details, you may end up with a device at over 800 or 1000€ that won’t support properly audio applications.

The last and most important element to take into account in your budget, as it is mandatory for all audio applications, is the audio interface if you don’t already have one.

If not, you will have to purchase one with sufficient quality and characteristics adapted to your needs. For models with minimal options, prices range from a hundred euros at least to 1000€ or more for a very good quality card.

Remember that before purchasing anything, be sure to have searched the proper infos on the web through users forums, guides, etc.

Examples of some interesting and helpful links
Jam Origin Midi Guitar :grinning:
VI Control
And so on… Plenty to keep you busy :wink:

Grazie mille, ragionandoci un pò su mi sono effettivamente accorto che le caratteristiche dei tablet sono troppo deboli per applicazioni audio così mi orienterò su un notebook. Stò tenendo d’occhio un Lenovo ThinkPad p50 Touch Core i7-6820hq 16gb 512gb SSD appena trovo un offerta ragionevole penso di comprarlo. Grazie per i consigli e per i link per tenermi occupato nel frattempo che aspetto il laptop, buon proseguimento, cordiali saluti