Easy solution for issues with not tracking / sounding right / lag

Just dropping a quick thing in case anyone has issues with tracking/lag in the future:

  • Use the sample rate / buffer size settings the plugin recommends. If it’s wrong the plugin will put up a warning triangle next to the ‘Latency’ section in Host Info over on the left of the window. 256 samples @ 44100hz and I’m at under 6ms latency. It’s amazing.

  • Turn the gain up on your audio interface. My guitar is actually clipping/redlining as I’m playing it into Ableton. Doesn’t matter, tracks perfectly. Works better for me this way. Do have to introduce a tiny bit of gate tho, I do this in Ableton itself rather than the plugin, down at like -36db or so.

  • for making it really perfect: Bridge pickup, tone on 10, solidbody guitar, single coils. And I suspect vintage style rather than high gain / overwound pups are going to do better, you want to avoid harmonics, string scrape, all of that. You’re trying to get the notes out and only the notes, think about how to express the instrument in a different way to when you play guitar normally. That said, it still works great on an es355 style guitar when i tried that. its all in the settings, and after that, learning to play while keeping in mind you’re specifically trying to trigger midi notes only.


secondary to the above but also important: guitar intonation and pickup height.

I’d just like to append to my post that redlining the input is probably me being over-enthusiastic, but you do want it right on the line. The more GM2 has to work with, the better.

And just finally, a couple more things that have helped me: Make sure the tuning in MG2 matches the tuning of your guitar, else (for me at least) it wont track right. and pay attention to the Midi Effects setting because for me, sustain was on by default. For piano play, I had to turn it off before MG2 would recognize my open string drone notes and stuff. Now it’s getting every note.