Expression Pedal controlling Mod Wheel

I have recently purchased a Moog EP-3 expression pedal ($49 US) to control the mod wheel function of software synths within Logic Pro X. I use a Godin LGX-SA guitar controller (because I’ve been in this guitar synth thing for awhile now) direct into an apogee Gio foot pedal interface with the Moog pedal plugged into it. Once Midi Guitar is set up in LPX with a soft synth wiggle the Mod Wheel on your monitor and go to Menu item LogicProX>Control Surfaces>Controller Assignments>Learn Control for “Mod Wheel”. You want CC#11 for midi Mod Wheel messages. LPX will recognize your controller pedal automatically. Now you will have Mod Wheel control for the synth with your foot while you’re playing and Pitch Bend through the Bend settings within Midi Guitar2 in your fingers. However you choose to program your Mod Wheel effects within the soft synth is up to you. More functionality while playing. Couldn’t imagine not having it.


Same here! I use the Behringer FCB 1010 and it adds so many expressive capabilities.