Expression pedal help

What is the Best expression pedal compatible for meloaudio TS mega. And will I be able to control the 'mix" knob on MG2 with the expression pedal?

All expression pedals are compatible, the best one is the one you prefer :wink:

I use cheap pedals because of a restricted budget and I am very satisfied, using it at home and on stage.

For example, in the mid-range, Roland EV-5 or Boss EV-30 are reliable.

But there are a lot of other models and the main point is to choose the characteristics which interest you and that you need: robustness and durability, size, polarity switch, dual outputs with independent pedal range adjustment, even color :smiley: and you can also use volume pedals with suitable connection.

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Thank you brotha for responding🤘 Now will I be able to use the expression pedal to control the “mix” knob? And how? Thanks in advance.

1/ Click on “Interface”, select your meloaudio in the Midi Interface Control window.
2/ Click on Midi Learn, click on Mix Assign box, move the expression pedal and close the window.
3/ Enjoy :smiley:


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It’s just that simple huh? Wowwww!! Thank you so much for helping this old guy out. You’re awesome​:metal::metal::metal::metal:

Hmmm. I’m still a little puzzled. I dont see a “midi learn” from the ipad app version.

Sorry if I could not give you a proper answer, as you did not say what operating system and which MG2 version you are using. My response was for a Mac or Windows desktop version.
Unfortunately, I do not know how MG2 works on an iPad.

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