External Instruments - Set up in Ableton Live

Hi all!

New to the Jam Origin plugs in. I have the software set up to trigger my 3rd party plug ins but I want it to send midi to my external synths. I’m using Ableton Live 10 through a Motu Ultralite Soundcard.

I watched this video for the IOS app which shows in the ‘patch’ section of the app to choose external module but I dont see this in my software on mac. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOZrS4Qr7j4

Any ideas on how to link up the software to play my outboard synths?

Thanks in advance!


If you’re using the plugin in Live 10, there are at least two ways to do. This is how I do it and probably most do…

  1. Put the MG2 plugin on an audio track and set it up to receive audio.
  2. Create a new MIDI track and set its input to receive MIDI from the audio channel that the the plugin is on.
  3. Instantiate an Ableton ‘external instrument’ device on the new MIDI track. The ‘external instrument’ device allows two main settings; 1. a MIDI Destination (in your case maybe your MOTU), 2. an audio input (the input your hardware is cabled into on your MOTU interface)

You should be good to go depending on your interface and how you monitor your synth but without more details it’s hard to go beyond this. Good luck.

EDIT: You’ll need to make sure your MIDI interface (OUT) is active in Live 10’s settings or you won’t be able to select it.

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Awesome! Thanks so much man.