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External Synth Arranger

I have been looking through the forums and have a question about usage of Midi Guitar with an arranger. I have an SD90 Ketron arranger that will follow chords that I play. I know the PC version is probably the best application if it works. Can you set up Midi Guitar (I am guessing through your DAW) to send the chords played on the guitar to the external module so it will follow my playing. I hope this makes sense.



Hello, welcome here :slight_smile:

If your synth can follow chords played on a midi keyboard, so can MG, with the guitar replacing the keyboard.
Simply select your device in the Midi Interface Outputt window.

However, good chord tracking requires a very specific technique for playing the guitar, to avoid ghost notes or undesirable effects.


Connect your arranger to your computer with a USB cable. I’m not familiar with Windows MIDI implementation but on my MAC my Yamaha DGX-640 arranger appears as a midi device that I can select as midi output for the Midi Guitar app. So once you have selected your arranger as midi output in Midi Guitar, the midi generated by your guitar should play your arranger.

If you’re using Midi Guitar as a plug-in in your DAW, you have to create a track that receives audio from your guitar passes it through the midi guitar plugin and sends the midi output from the plugin to your arranger’s midi device. Depending on the DAW it can be done in very diverse ways so it would help to know which DAW you are using.

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