Extra Notes in FL Studio 20 - Midi Guitar 2

Hi - I effectively setup the trial version of MIDI Guitar 2 in FL Studio 20 and can record. The issue I am hitting is that I’m getting an extra note (or two, occasionally) along with the intended note. For example, if I hit E4, the correct note pitch and length are captured but also a super-short extra note at C4 (and sometimes another super-short extra note one pitch flat or sharp. I already have the buffer at 256 so not sure what the issue is. Definitely want to get this sorted out before making any purchases.


Adding a screenshot for reference

Thanks for the reply. My guitar intonation is in check, and I’ve observed the same effect with my other guitars as well. Does the bad intonation explanation also account for the extra notes of the same pitch (like the first note in the example). Along the same vein, those three notes in the screenshot were all played on the same string. I’m not an expert so I could be mistaken, but would there even be a release note?

Well, I experience the same problems like you, I don’t know if you can fully eliminate the finger lift thing. I just try to mute everything as much as I can. You can search the forum with the keywords “release note”. I’m not really too well versed in this stuff.

I’ve found that enabling legato/no added sustain eliminates the note release issues.