Extract root note of chord?

I do an acoustic single, would be very useful to be able to extract the root note of whatever chord I’m playing, for generating automatic bass and harmony parts. Also the ability to designate the re-scan periods (1/4 notes, 1/2 notes or once a bar etc) would be very useful.


Yes, this is surely possible. As long as you tell MG which kind of key you are in, it can infer roots that you can use for bass and harmony.

We plan to add more MIDI Machines soon, and we’ll try to incorporate something like this.

The ability to signal to MG that you are playing a minor chord would complete the concept. Could a MIDI machine accept a MIDI CC input to do this?

That’s a good idea. I can’t help thinking that switching chords with a pedal would be strange in practice, but I think we can try it out.

I meant just using a CC (foot pedal switch) to switch from major to minor chord recognition.