FabFilter Pro-q 2 AU into MG 2.5

Every time I try to add FabFilter Pro-q 2 into an FX slot in either instrument or guitar it crashes the app. Anybody else. I would love to be able to use this EQ as it sounds so good.

Same here. FabFilter Pro-q 2 in a FX slot crashes the app. (iPad Pro 10.5, MG 2.6.5 Testflight)

I feel that the pro-q2 plug-in would be a great little tool inside Midi Guitar to make some good sounding instrument patches into great sounding patches.
Hopefully we can get a fix for this.

Yes, I see the problem… we are looking into it. Thanks for reporting.

Any update on FabFilter ProQ2 compatibility? I’m also wondering whether the new IOS FabFilter apps work with MG2. I haven’t bought them yet but it sure would be great to be able to use them.

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