Fader or Fader-Pedal Solutions for MG2?

On my keyboard, I can use slider or wheel faders with my left hand and play with my right.

Obviously that doesn’t work with a guitar and MG2. Has anyone come across a good solution for this? My assumption is that an expression pedal would be the best solution. Any thoughts about the best option for a “fader” pedal?

Yeah, expression pedal works fine, or breathcontroller. I can control four parameters (via four CCs) simultaneously with that. In this video I use both expression pedal and breathcontroller for a few different purposes.

Oh wow! First, your video is incredible. I’m a huge fan of ECM-style modal jazz—you play guitar like Nils Petter Molvaer plays trumpet.

Thanks for the tips too about the breath controller. It’s an option I hadn’t considered. I’ll probably buy one.

I used Ableton years ago. Maybe version 4? Been using Logic for the last 15 years or so, but you’re inspiring me to consider Ableton again.

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Thank you so much @farwesterner1
I love Nils Petter, and Arve Henriksen and those Norwegian guys. I might come across even better in this video?

But you should absolutely consider a breathcontroller. I Have some suggestions as how to get a wireless setup if you feel that is of interest to you?
And Abelton is a totally different kind of beast today, as compared with version 4. I started with Abelton Live (1), and then I skipped some - tried some in the middle somewhere and got back onboard again with the Live 11 Suite. I use Logic still for some things, but the workflow in Abelton is so much more inspiring for me.

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I use the FCB1010 foot controller without any modifications or different ROM/EEPROM.
There are two foot pedals on the right side for variable control which can be assigned to your virtual instrument.
I assigned one for the balance/mix between the VST/Guitar so I have more than one instrument for each assigned foot pedal button of the hundreds of available assignments for presets the FCB1010 can switch in Midi Guitar 2.

The other variable pedal is assigned to a typical synth mod wheel. I like to use it for Organ Leslie speed control most often but it can be used any way one chooses and of course depending on the synth options.

You can program the variable pedals to control CC’s (continuous controllers) for midi.
The user manual is basically useless except for basic operation but I did find a useful youtube video so here it is:

PS. Absolutely no problems with the FCB1010 so far.

logidy’s umi3 might suit your needs.

or if you’re handy opendeck runs on various arduino processors and will allow you to build your own.

some midi keyboards have both sustain and expression inputs. i’ve also used a line6 floorboard, they’re designed to control line6 amps but they transmit midi just fine. sometimes you can find them used on ebay.

it’s hard to have too many foot controls, usually i have modulation and guit/synth mix on two expression pedals, and then stuff like sustain, patch change, loop select and loop start on single click buttons.

for ‘too many foot controls’ see about 1:30 in on this video: Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (Vangelis) - YouTube

I thought I was using too many controllers in my pedalboard, but I am no match for him !
And thank you for this wonderful documentary :heart_eyes: