Faking a GR55 with Jam Origin and Bias FX2 on an iPad?

Complete newbie to the world of guitar synth here.

I will soon take possession of an Emerald Virtuo and am pondering various options for blending the effects and synth guitar worlds. A Roland GR55 is an “easy” way to do that. A cheaper and lighter way would be to somehow blend MIDI Guitar 2 with something like Bias FX2 Mobile.

OPTION 1 = process traditional guitar effects (Bias FX) separate from synth (MIDI 2) and mix them later with an AB pedal. I guess I’d need 2 iOS devices for that?

OPTION 2 = somehow send MIDI Guitar 2 into Bias FX2 Mobile (assuming that’s possible, I have no idea). Got the idea from threads and videos about sending MIDI Guitar 2 to various DAWs.

Again, I’m a newbie here, so I suspect some/all of this might be “dumb” questions.


You can combine Bias FX and MG2 on one iPad using an app like AUM. Bias FX is an IAA (Inter App Audio) app so can be in one channel in AUM with MG2 in another driving one or more synth AU (Audio Unit) apps via MIDI. Lots of possibilities! You can certainly reproduce the capabilities of GR55 (I have one but mostly use an iPad now). The only thing you cannot do is alternate tunings but combining traditional guitar fx with synths is straightforward and very powerful. There are YouTube videos explaining how AUM works so do some searching to get the basics then ask for more specific help.

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