FBC1010 midi control

My FBC 1010 doesn’t work with M2G. I use Ableton live 11. I use a midi + Audio track to make it work with Guitar rig 6 pro. Nothing happens when i try with M2G . Any suggestions?

Hi @Radiowebb1

Welcome here, to begin with! Hopefully you’ll be able to get some advise in here. There should be some FCB 1010 users in here to help you out. But could you please be as detailed as possible regarding your setup and the problem you have. Do you use PC or Mac? How do you have it set up? What are you trying to do with the foot controller? Switch presets in MG2, or is it something else? Is it perhaps the expression pedals you are trying to use?

I use Ableton 11/ windows 11. I just want to change presets and use the pedals with my vsts. To use guitar rig 6 i yse a audio +a midi track select gr6 in the drop down menu to con control the audio track. However in M2G i cant map my vsts at all . The set mapping to my 88 midi controller dont work ?

Ok, so you are using Abelton. I assume you are using MIDI Guitar 2 (MG2) as a plugin on an audio track, and it sound as if you want to change presets in MG2 with your foot controller. To use a foot pedal in Abelton (on a Mac) I would,

  1. Set my foot pedal to send out PC (Program Change) messages 0,1,2…and so on, to my
  2. MG2 Presets (You use 001.002, 003…and so on in from of any name in MG2. Ex 001 Rock/Dist)
  3. open up a separate MIDI track in Abelton for your foot pedal.
  4. Choose your foot pedal controller in the MIDI from list
  5. Choose the AUDIO track you have MG2 from the MIDI TO list, and check that it says MIDI Guitar 2 below
  6. Arm the MIDI track for REC (it must be red)

If you follow these steps you should be able to change presets in MG2 inside Abelton.

How? Are you using your vsts in MG2? It is way easier to use them on separate tracks in Abelton. Especially if you want to use your foot controller for those. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to be even more specific here, as to what is is you want to do. Give me a practical example. (Ex I wan to use this expression pedal on the FCB 1010 for X.)