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Finally found the problem with the interfaces

After many posts of what I thought it could be or was that was causing some clicking and ultimately some interface/software disconnections I found what was causing the problem.
Not only was there clicking and popping sounds I noticed on a recent recording there were many inaudible spikes on the track.
I never bothered with MG2 for live or recordings because of all the problems I was having.
So after seeing them I thought there must be something like a transmitter interfering.
I noticed I had added a bluetooth transmitter usb dongle.
I checked the dates of purchase of both MG2 and the Bluetooth dongle and they were only a month apart (when I was busy building my road case for MG2 and the interface etc.)
I never tried unplugging the Blutooth transmitter.
So I did and now there doesn’t seem to be any level problems, clicking or popping or interface/MG2 disconnects.
Go Figure.
Anyone want to know the name of the Bluetooth dongle so you don’t buy one?


Def interested to know

And I just found out yesterday that the audio dropouts I was experiencing on my Fender Rumble Studio 40 amp were being caused by leaving the WiFi enabled. Buried in the documentation was a little notice that WiFi should only be enabled for firmware updates, and then switched back off. I breezed right past that when reviewing the manual after I bought the amp.

Wireless. Your friend. Your enemy.

Good catch by you! It just reinforces the idea that I should ALWAYS include wireless possibilities when tracking down problem root causes.

@GJNichol @TheMaartian
Thank you for these informations, this will certainly allow other victims to identify the sources of problems more quickly.
Let’s expect more of the same when we will power our equipment with wireless electricity :grimacing:

Just to be clear the laptop didn’t have bluetooth capability so I added a USB bluetooth dongle.
It was the dongle I disonnected that made the problems stop.

I didn’t disconnect the laptop from my wireless router/network but if I get any more strange problems I’ll try that too. I wouldn’t be using the network in a remote location anyway.

So what kind of BT dongle was it?


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How do you pronounce it? :rofl:

it 5.0 now is was 4.0

Any improvement after update?

I think the 5.0 is a different dongle, not sure. Didn’t try it. I was just doing a bit of Chinglish :slight_smile:

Because I hate trackpads I use a wireless dongle from Logitech on my notebook to connect a mouse and sometimes a keyboard too. Does anybody know whether these dongles use Bluetooth or Wifi or sth else?

The Logitech Unifying Receiver uses the 2.4 GHz band, but it doesn’t show up as a WiFi device.

I use the same Logitech dongle for my wireless mouse. I don’t have any problems with it.

I glued a hard back on a small mouse pad and put it on top of the Presonus interface. The back has rubber pads that keep it from slipping off the interface