Fishman Connect vs Midi Guitar?

Anyone on here compare the TriplePlay Connect to Midi Guitar? I’m talking about comparing to the new wired version and not the wireless version of the TriplePlay Connect.

The Tripleplay Connect IS the wired version, that is what the connect means, that there is a wire. The normal Tripleplay is with wireless communication.

Thanks for the correction. So, have you compared the wired one to Midi Guitar?

no, I haven’t. Tripleplay Connect is a hexaphonic system, so it 'll probably be better at bigger chords and absolute measured latency. MIDI Guitar is cheaper, likely to be easier to setup and integrate. Switching to another guitar on the fly is not possible with Tripleplay, unless you mount an extra triplePlay connect to that other guitar.
Playfeel is bound to be very different between the two, that is a bit personal. Absolute latency does not tell how it feels to play on it…
I personally own a GR1, 2*GR30, a GR55 and an AXON 50. (btw: The Axon is from the same designer as the Fishman). But nowadays I allways use MG.
Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Jam Origin ofcourse…

Thanks for all the details, Paul! I had a GR55 and couldn’t handle the latency. I tried Midi Guitar again today…it’s been about a year. But I remember now why it won’t work for me…I need it to support 7 string tunings and i had a crap ton of double triggers. Looks like I’m sticking with the Fishman for now.