Fixed: Input Gain Anomaly with Saved Ableton Session

I believe this might be an issue with the MG3 input gain maxing out when loading a saved Live session. The initial setup of the track works correctly but when the session is saved and reopened I think the input gain is getting set to 20db even though the interface does not reflect that setting (it still shows 0db).

I have a mp4 video that demonstrates the issue but it won’t me upload it due to new member limitations on the group. Please advise on how to best get this over to you all.



Thank you for feedback and making a vide. I think I may have changed your member status to allow posting.

Thanks. Size limit is 4Mb so lets try this…

Thank you! Certainly looks like a bug on my side and will get this sorted out.

Please let me know if this wasn’t fixed in 3.0.39