Fixed: Resize plugin window in Logic

Hi … The 3.0.37 Update does not resize in Logic Pro X 10.7.9 (Standalone is resizable)… Yet the earlier version (1st Release) tends to be at a small size (AU in Logic) … without the option of resizing.

It resizes in Logic for me, but the mouse drag is not at the corner edge, but at the “inner window”:

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Yeah… your right! … I’ve just installed the latest version ‘3.0.38’ … and you can only resize from the from the area which you described!

Hi… another thing i noticed just now … is that if you close MG3 … then re-open it … it doesn’t retain the size you select … you’ll have to resize it once again!

Ah yes. Thank you, will fix!

Hi… Thanks for the quick response … This version of MG3 is such a great app … very impressive work … especially for a developer who works solo … Bless!

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Should be resizing now in 3.0.39

Hi … Thanks for the update…I’ve just done an install of the recent ‘MG3 v3.0.39’ … and yes the resizing issue has been fixed for both the standalone and ‘AU/Component’ in Logic (Both retain the chosen size when closed and re-opened) … p.s the only minor issue i have is that the MG3 au version in Logic still doesn’t have a clear area/point (in the bottom righthand corner) where you can hover the mouse arrow over when seeking to resize the plugin …similar to the MG3 v3.0.38 … Bless!