Fixed: Short bursts of audio only

Hi I’m on MacBook Air M1, Sonoma 14.2.1.

Note detection seems to be highly sporadic. I’m only getting ocasional short bursts of audio. Beta version 3.0.37
Standalone application.

Thank you for reporting. Seem same issue as reported here:

Are you using the standalone app?
I’ll try to reproduce this.

Yes. The standalone app.

In this case it seems a new issue we haven’t heard from others. It almost sounds like your Mac Air is overloaded?

No. Nothing else open. Just MG3. MG2 just tickles the cpu’s. I normally run MG2 with Cubase 13 loaded with virtual synths at a buffer size of 64 with no problems.

This is a wild guess: Maybe its trying to change patch all the time because you have some midi controller or DAW automation hookuped up for MIDI CC14/15?

No. Nothing else hooked up and all other applications closed. Nothing in the MG3 logs either. Maybe it’s the interface with the sound card, although the test sine wave sounds fine at 256, 44100. I’m using a Zoom U-22. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Maybe you have a function capable of logging the conversion process, and this can be logged so that I can send it to you.

By the way, playing the MG3 keyboard with the mouse works fine.

Ok, New update. I’ve spent a while trying to see if anything will change its behavior. MG3 was activating the Macbook internal Mic. Even though it’s not using it. The Mic was set to voice isolation mode. I switched it to normal mode and MG3 is behaving properly. Very weird, since it’s using my sound card not the Mic. Hope this helps.

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I am having the same problem on my mac mini 2018/ventura/behringer UMC1820
I will check this later, and hope I get MG3 working properly!!

This sounds so strange, I have to think a bit about it… maybe you have an aggregate audio device of Mic+Audio Interface in your Mac?

To me it seems that when another audio application is using the same sound card at a different configuration (not 44.1kHz / 256 Samples) then MIDIGuitar 3 just switches to another audio device? I had to set MainStage to 44.1/256 for MIDIGuitar to work alongside.

Don’t use the same device for anything else, and don’t use it for system sounds. And also don’t use different physical devices for input and output. While it should still run smoothly, you will get an unreasonable large hit on latency!

No agragate device. But MG3 activates the laptop mic input even when setup for the soundcard. I don’t know the Mac audio API, I used to code on Linux. But it looks as if when voice isolation is activated on the laptop mic some kind of plugin gets grabbed by MG3, even though it’s not using the mic. As long as the laptop mic is in normal mode there’s no problem.

EDIT: latest beta solved this without any intervention from me!.. Excellent!

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