Fixing LAG - Audio Interface - Reset (often)

I find myself having to reset the audio interface often to fix lag. Is there a recommendation for what I can tweak to improved my situation? Not working on a powerful system.

Hi and welcome! It would be interesting to know a few a few things here to begin with; 1) How much of a lag are we talking about? 2) How does this lag come about? Is it sort of creeping up on you while you play, or is it something more like coming back to the setup after a while you realize there is a lag? And of course the usual 3) OS, specs, setup (in as much detail as possible) DAW, standalone, plugins etc.?

Thank you - yes of course, I apologize for not including earlier.

  1. how much lag? 1/10th of a second or more.
  2. sometimes when changing VSTI’s, definitely when coming back after a while of idle time. Some VSTi’s are more prone to it than others (large sample libraries I think).
  3. OS: Win10 Home, Pentium N4200 1.1GHz, 4GB RAM, 64 bit. KODLIX AP42
  4. Example VSTi’s = Orpheus, Taptronic, VL122

It normally never degrade. That old Pentium N4200 is very weak in todays standards, and maybe it will throttle in that small case.

It is an interesting question though. From my experience, even with my (old) but relatively powerful iMac 2014, 4 Ghz quad-core i7 processor, 32 GB ram, I sometimes gain from resetting either the audio interface or restarting my computer altogether. It is a minuscule difference for sure, but it IS a difference, and I haven’t yet come to the conclusion that it has anything to do with the MIDI Guitar software itself. But it affects the performance insomuch as there is a noticeable “lag” before restart/reset for me too. But this lag is felt more like shifting position in the room (moving somewhat further away from the sound source). It isn’t always something prompting action even, but I have always wondered about it.

Maybe it has more to do with the ASIO driver than with MIDI GUITAR? There are a lot of variables there that I haven’t explored.

Attn: official Jam Origin developers - can there be a CC assigned to the INTERFACE RESET BUTTON?