FL Studio 20 + MG2+ Kontakt 5 Crashes / CPU-hogging — Incompatible? Refund?

Hi, I just now purchased MIDI Guitar 2 because my testing it for days with the Standalone version have gone so well and it seemed to be perfect. But, here’s the problem! My entire production flow depends on FL Studio, and now that I’ve loaded up the 64-Bit VST Plugin into FL Studio 20 latest update on my Windows 10 PC, and adjusted for all proper Audio Interface settings, when I load Kontakt 5 into the “Instrument” slot in the MIDI Guitar 2 plugin (which is loaded into the master channel of an empty FL Studio project), it either crashes immediately or will run with many, many underruns (pops and crackles) and the MG2 plugin will tell me my CPU is overloaded or not in high-performance mode (which it is) constantly and even if I’m not playing the guitar to trigger the electronic piano VST i loaded into Kontakt 5 to test it.

In comparison, I did all of the same things in Cockos REAPER DAW and absolutely none of these issues with the same workflow.

Later today, I’ll try to adjust latency settings in FL Studio, and which ASIO driver I use. At the time of testing, it was the FL Studio ASIO driver at 256 latency. I can try my audio interface’s ASIO driver as well as ASIO4All later on and maybe different latencies to see if there’s a difference, but it seems to me like MIDIGuitar 2 will not work with my intended workflow and I may need to ask for a refund already (even after I bought a guitar specifically to use this software with!!! Getting really bummed out.)

Let me know any thoughts or if I should take this issue to a support call or email conversation.

Its no problem with a refund (within 14 days).

Your approach of hosting a plugin inside a plugin inside a DAW is rather convoluted.
Instead of loading a VST into MGs instrument slot, just host both MG VST and Kontakt VST inside FL studio as shown in the video at http://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-9. This way, MG is just responsible for the guitar-to-midi conversion, and FL20 does everything else.

There is a known compatibility issue with FL20 and MG causing the problems you describe if FL20 is processing varaible buffer sizes, so please check that is turned off for now, until we address this in the next update.

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Thanks so much for the reply, I tried all of what I mentioned in my post to no avail, and then came to read your reply. I tried what you said right away, and it instantly removed the issue I was having. I got too accustomed to opening Kontakt in the MG2 “Instrument” slot during my trial of the program that I never thought about any other way to route the chain with the purchased VST version.

I’ll use this setup rigorously in the next 13 days to make sure it’ll hold up to any other issues I might face in my work flow. This is a huge relief. I was beginning to question using FL Studio at all and purchasing another DAW and was getting really stressed. I think this will fix the entire issue. I’ll report back with any further issues in my trial period, otherwise I’ll keep on with using MG2. Feel free to mark this solved or archived or whatever you need to, and thanks again!

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