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FL Studio crashes when automating Midi Guitar 2 parameters


I’ve posted this on the FL Studio board too (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=200&t=260031) but wondered if anyone else ran into this:- automating Midi Guitar 2’s eg ‘master mix’ in FL Studio causes FL Studio to lock up and crash. I’ve looked in the help docs and followed the FL Studio section, but it crashes every time.

This happen to anyone else? Any suggested workarounds or fixes?


Hi again, FL Studio support have help me to get around the crashing problem (enabling Bridged mode, and “Process maximum size buffers” and “Use maximum buffer size from host”).

However when I attempt to automate the parameter, it doesn’t actually change in MIDI Guitar 2. The “initial” value is sent when playback starts, and adjusting the value manually from the FL Studio ‘Browse parameters’ list works – but using an automation clip to change the parameter does not (parameter just remains the same).

FL support have said that they can confirm this is an issue and that it looks like something that needs to be solved in the plugin itself. They say they haven’t seen this issue before, and that “It looks like they do not publish the controls, but on the other hand, they work if moved by hand.”

I was wondering if this may be fixed in the new version, or if there is anything I can try to get it working in the current version?


Thanks for reporting.
At the moment we are fully engaged with the MG v3 updates and I’m afraid there is no quick fix I can suggest. However, we’ll make sure to address any such problems on MGs side in these updates.

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That’s great, thank you! Do let me know if I can be useful in testing this for you at all. Looking forward to the update :slight_smile: