Floyd Rose/ Floating tremolo

How good does the Floyd rose work on MG 2. With the ability to bend up and down, I would think It would be very nice… Based on the comments I may decide to buy the Kramer Pacer classic guitar. Thanks

Hello @Shyamus, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

The tracking works perfectly whether you are using finger bends on the guitar or any tremolo system.

On the other hand, what needs to be adjusted correctly and will differ depending on the midi instrument is the “Bends” setting in the “Articulations” window and possibly the pitchbend setting in the plugin.

This will allow you to have from a very precise pitch of one or more semitones to a dive bomb effect.

Thanks Harold, this would mean that I don’t have to get a floating tremolo bridge. Can work with what I have.

Lofileif the guru of MG2 has setup the bend at 2 in his current presets. Will this allow bends of 2 notes and longer slides or will it also restrict the slides. Thanks

As said, in practice, this depends on the behaviour of the instrument plugin’s pitchbend, which may differ from one plugin to another (and some instruments do not react to pitchbend).

You need to test and configure accordingly.

For example, on one of my synths (Eight Voice by Cherry Audio) I can adjust the bend depht from 0 to 12 semitones:

  • if I set it to 0: no pitchbend is possible (this is logical).

  • if I set it to 12, and bend a guitar string in the same way each time, the following settings in the MG Bends window will give the following results on the synth:

MG range 2 = 12 synth semitones
MG range 12 = 2 synth semitones
MG range 1 = 12 synth semitones
MG range 4 = 4 synth semitones

Don’t ask me why :rofl:
You just have to test and configure accordingly :wink: