Fractal Audio Axe III/FM-9

Hey folks, I’m new to this forum and have not contributed much or actually nothing because I’m new lol. :slight_smile:
I’m looking for people that are using the FM9 or Axe FX III as an audio interface with a Mac laptop, and midi Guitar 2. One problem that I’m having right off the bat is sending midi patch change information straight from The Midi Block on the AxeFx3 to the midi guitar2 app Via USB cable only. The only way I’ve been able to do patch changes is to physically have a midi interface hooked up to the midi in and midi out of the AXE the have the interfaced hooked up to the computer , but I’m trying to do this strictly through a USB scenario this way, I only have to deal with one cable and no midi interface and extra cables . Anybody other have any ideas or an experience?

Thank you Eido (Mental Tronde de Jambe)

this is
a) possible if the USB cable delivers a standard USB MIDI signal, which is recognised by the operating system.
b) also possible when there is a special driver that can be installed to have both USB MIDI and audio over this one cable.

These are two things that I’m aware of. But thank Paul very much for pointing them out. I’m hoping to be contacted by actual fractal, audio users, with their experience with MIDI Guitar 2 and their fractal audio product as an audio interface. Anybody out there with a fractal audio product that would like to make a comment would be appreciated. Thanks. Eido

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I’m an Axe-Fx II XL+ user and have had issues (though FAS insist it’s by design) with the device’s USB MIDI implementation. Obviously, it’s a different machine to the III/FM9 but some parts are the same.

In my case, I wanted to connect a hardware MIDI controller to the Axe’s 7-pin MIDI IN and route the signals through to a DAW via USB. Impossible. The Axe-Fx II’s MIDI thru does not transmit over USB, only DIN. The Axe’s MIDI over USB is only for the editor and for receiving CC/PC messages from a computer.

I’m quite certain I recall reading on the forums that the III’s MIDI operation is functionally the same – presumably the other floor-based FAS devices too.

If I’m correct, you’ll find that sending MIDI over USB is a pipe dream. You can search my posts on the Fractal forum about it. Your best bet is to use a third-party MIDI interface. If cables bother you, it is possible to use a BT MIDI transmitter.

Vaultnaemsae ! This was good information. Unfortunately, the AxeFx3 is exactly like your AxeFx2 I found out it does not transmit midi through USB so I am SOL on that front but I do have a midi interface and I’ll be able to do what I want to do just have to drag some extra crap with me. Thank you so much for the info you rock, sir.


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