Free DSK Saxophones VST ( soprano & tenor )

This little novelty tune is made live with the following stuff:

  • JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2.2.1
  • TEC BBC2 Breathcontroller ( to control the saxophone )
  • Schaller vintage pickup (for picking up the 2 bottom strings)
  • Digitech drop pedal (makes bass from those 2 strings)

Hi Paul,

How to setup this DSK Saxophones VST to my MIDI Guitar 2? Please help


  1. install the DSK plugin into your systems VST folder ( when you dont know where VST’S belong, see )
  2. issue a plugin scan in MIDI Guitar,
    -open “plugins”
    -click scan(safe)
    -after scan is complete, close the plugin section with X top right.
    Now you can load the DSK VST as an instrument.