Free trial version

Hello everybody, I am new to a lot of things :slight_smile: including Jam Origin. So…. My first shout for help. I downloaded the free trial version, and looking around the internet I learned that first I have to install the AU from J.O. first . Thing is the AU file/folder is no where to be found when downloading the trial version. I went to the JO website and my understanding is that AU folder is only available with the licensed (purchased?) version. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


There are no AU and VST plugins with the official trial. We provide full version demos on request. Please check your PM here.

Hello Paul, Thanks for your help with providing (what I think is) the full version for trial. I know it has been a while since I last communicated, but even after you granting me access to the full version I couldn’t get to have Logic Pro recognizing Jam Origin, it didn’t show up at all in Logic. At this point I’d like to buy it and try it that way, my only question is do you have a return period, in case it ends up not working for me. Thanks.

Juan Carlos

most likely you installed the wrong version: the cataline and up version will most likely not work on older os and vice versa.
We have a 14 day money back guarantee.