Frozen BPMs and Ableton Link

Hello! I was wondering why i can’t change bpms from any external au, as they are always stuck at 120 bpms…. i would need to link an ipotetic delay but i should need to be able to sync it in tempo!! any advice? thank you!!!

Hi @spike, and welcome! The best way to get a good answer in here is to be as detailed as possible posing your question. What does your setup look like? Is this a MIDI Guitar 2 (MG2) standalone or plugin related issue? Is this a MG2 issue? Do you use any DAW? If you add some further info like that I am sure you’ll get some answers.

Yes! I use it as a standalone app, along with other synths that i play with midi keyboard. So yes I would need to let them communicate and synchronize, but the bpms on midi guitar are always set on 120

Browsing the forum here I found this discussion on the matter: MIDI clock, Effect tempo sync

I guess that explains it? There is no MIDI Clock/sync function in MG2 at this point.

Yes it does! What a pity, thank you anyway!!

I think it would be a huge improvement, I’m really happy with it but it would be even better with a sync option for sure

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